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Founded in 2008, Phulogic is an organization of talented, high-level technical staff considered to be among the best in the business. We design, build, and integrate highly technical Audio Visual Collaboration Systems uniquely customized to clients’ needs. We empower our clients with powerful tools to effectively communicate their message both internally and globally, by partnering with the best communication technology providers.


Why Choose Phulogic?


Since inception, Phulogic has developed a reputation for providing the best of the best quality work, guaranteeing every client’s wish list is satisfied. We administer a multitude of internal checklists to ensure all aspects of the audio visual integration are completed with supreme attention to detail.



We are one of the fastest in the industry not because we rush through our work. Rather, we are extremely efficient in the way we execute. We mitigate delays and errors by diligently adhering to our design/build process that we developed through our own experience.


Customer Priority

We are responsive to your audio visual integration requirements with the highest priority. We have the tools and the extensive knowledge to realize your best communication collaboration goals. We offer full service design, integration and unparalleled support services for a wide series of products and state of the art systems tailored to your specific application.


We are proud to be your partner. Our mission is to grow with you. Phulogic specializes in the design and installation of AV solutions for rooms of all sizes. Whether you necessitate projection equipment to enhance presentations, or an interactive media system to engage your audience, our talented team will work closely with you to design and build the optimal AV solution that best suits your company.


Phulogic is a licensed low voltage audio visual contractor with factory-trained, industry-certified technicians. Supreme attention to detail and quality are assured with every installation. Our unique ability to quickly scale for very large jobs is enhanced by the use of trusted most competent, dedicated, highly trained professionals in the industry.

Several services performed with our installation include:

Assembly, Systems Configuration and Testing, Systems Analysis and Trouble-Shooting, System Prototyping, Cable and Wiring Testing, Audio System Assembly and Testing.


Phulogic will help you complete your communication projects. We offer expert consultations, suggestions, and management every step of the way. If you’re ready to give your conference rooms the upgrade it needs and bring your meeting space into the digital age with a newly designed communication system, contact Phulogic today to learn more about our AV conferencing system design and installation services.

Bring your meeting space into the digital age with a newly designed communication system to add convenience and flair to all of your presentations.


Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is critical in today’s communication technology. Properly designed audio systems are crucial in every environment, including those being used for audio conferencing, sound reinforcement, paging systems, emergency notifications and distribution of audio feeds.


AV control platform for very fast, agile control system configuration and deployment, from individual meeting rooms up to an entire campus or enterprise. A powerful, centralized resource allows AV integrators to easily manage all their AV control clients and site installations. Phulogic features an innovative network-based system architecture with scalability limited only by the IT backbone, as well as full redundancy capability that prevents AV control downtime in any room. Phulogic standard features include system monitoring, notifications, intuitive and mobile-friendly GUIs, secure communications, analytics, and more.


Phulogic provides control system programming and touch panel design services on all scales. From our extensive experience in AV system design, we understand the merging of AV and IT technologies. Our depth of knowledge enables us to recommend the best control options available for your audio visual system. Our goal is to provide you with a system that is state-of-the-art, reliable, intuitive, and adaptable for future upgrades. With continuous training and strong relationships and support from manufacturers our programmers have advance knowledge on emerging technologies and products. 



We are honored and extremely grateful to work with the following companies. Phulogic always thrives to provide the best solutions, the best service, and our best foot forward on all the projects we work on. Because of this, these companies continue to work with us on their upcoming projects as they are assured Quality, Speed, and Customer Priority.

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